China Stone Industry: Granites from BRICS


From figures by Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, from January to May 2017, there are totally 827 thousand tons, 134 million USD of granites imported from BRICS. It occupied 76.76% and 71.79% respectively of total. It’s an increase of 1.79% and 2.36% compared with last year.


The BRICSare the main trading partnersof granites in Xiamen Port. The granite stones imported from the BRICS mainly come from three countries, namely India, Brazil and South Africa.Among them, there are totally 599.5 thousand tons, 98.4507 million USD of granites imported from India. It occupied 55.64% and 53.04% respectively of total.


The total granites imported from Brazil reached 199.5 thousand tons, 30.7459 million USD. It occupied 18.52% and 16.56% respectively. For South Africa, the total granites imported reached 28 thousand tons, 4.1507 million USD. It occupied 2.60% and 2.23% respectively.


Granite has hard texture, high abrasion resistance, bright colors and flexibleselectivity, so the total importedvolume continues to grow up. Most of the granites from the BRICS are imported to Xiamen Port by bulk shipment to reduce the freight cost. In addition, the price of imported granites has risen steadily, mainly due to the rise in international shipping price, so the CIF price of granites has also risen a little.