Massimiliano Caviasca

Massimiliano Caviasca        意大利/Italy

建筑师,设计师/Architect, Designer

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      Massimiliano Caviasca毕业于威尼斯大学C.Aymonino IUAV学院,是意大利建筑和设计比赛的国家级评委的成员,多次受邀作为国家级的讲师去演讲、培训和交流。Massimiliano Caviasca擅长石材建筑、石材室内外装饰设计、石材家具设计,从2005年开始,他先后在米兰理工学院当代石材设计系、威尼斯大学建筑系等从事本科、硕士学位的教学,同时还在相关领域展开写作活动。作为讲师和教授,他的《利用天然石材设计建筑和家具》(2005年)等课程在全球都是开创性的。作为学术领军人物,他创办过多个学术团体,如石材学院、AReA.Caviasca、大理石国际学会等等。

Massimiliano Caviasca graduated from C. Aymonino college of Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV). He was one of the national-level judges of Italian architectural and design contest and was invited to deliver speeches and conduct training and exchanges as a national-level lecturer for many times. Massimiliano Caviasca specializes in stone architecture design, interior and exterior stone design, and stone furniture design. Since 2005, he was involved in the teaching for bachelor and master degrees successively in the modern stone design department of Polytechnic University of Milan and the architecture department of IUAV, and started writing in relevant professional fields. As a lecturer and professor, the course “The application of natural stone in the design of architecture and furniture” created by him is a groundbreaking example. He is also a leading character academically who has founded multiple academic groups, such as stone material college, AReA.Caviasca and International Academy of Marble, etc.