Dr. Hans-Dieter Hensel

Dr. Hans-Dieter Hensel                                            澳大利亚/Australia

首席地质学家及石材专家 Principal Investigative Geoscientist and Stone Specialist

Hensel Geosciences


Hans-Dieter Hensel博士在地质科学各个领域具有40余年的经验,在检验石材和岩石材料方面有着实际经验,多年来亲自动手采石。Hensel博士专门从事研究地质科学问题,并协助建造业筛选和采购满足意向用途的石材。这其中可能涉及检验石材以保证其符合要求,并可能需要对采石场和加工设施进行检查,以确保在要求时间内能准备好足够的石材。如果因各种可能的因素石材未达到效果,则需要进行技术科学检验以确定原因,并提供矫正方案。

With more than 40 years of experience in many of the fields of geosciences, practical experience in the testing of stone and rock materials, and many years of hands-on dimension stone quarrying, Hensel Geosciences specializes in investigative geoscientific matters and in assisting the construction industry in selecting and procuring the right stone for the intended application. This might involve testing the stone to ensure that it meets all requirements and it may necessitate inspection of quarries and processing facilities to ensure that the stone will be available for the project in the time required. Where stone has failed for a variety of possible reasons it might be necessary to undertake technical and scientific testing to establish the causes and then to provide solutions to rectify the situation.