Peter Sutjiono Tjioe

Peter Sutjiono Tjioe         新加坡/Singapore

创始人/法人  Founder/Owner

MM Galleri


Peter Sutjiono Tjioe从事石材行业近30年,是MM Galleri创始人,从事采矿、加工、工程安装和家具制造。丰富的从业经验让他深刻认识到石材应用的三大难题:沉重、坚硬、易碎。经过不断地尝试和探索,他成功地攻克了这些问题——石材不仅可以超薄、超轻,甚至可以弯曲。这一革命性理念使得石材设计突破限制,解决了更多实用性问题,拥有了丰富的可能性。

Peter Sutjiono Tjioe started this business in 1992, selling marble tiles at a small office and grow into multi located store operations, covering quarry, fabrication of slabs & tiles, project installation and furniture fabrication using stone.

During this 27 years of dealing with various types of stones, machines, and all kind of aspects involving stone, his company have gone thru successes and setback, thus they learned more about problem in stone application & their solutions.