Robert Varden

Robert Varden             美国/USA

副会长 Vice President

International Certified Flooring Installers Association - CFI


      Robert Varden是世界地板协会(World Floor Covering AssociationCFI分部的副主席。CFI协会代表着全世界地板安装的专业水准,为协会的发展提供愿景,为协会发声,同时负责协会的运营监管。Robert Varden以商业地板安装师的身份入行,后来将自己的专业能力拓展到勘察,培训,咨询,演讲,写作领域,另外还开设了一家商业工作室。在地板安装行业的40年里,Robert Varden以独特的视角关注个体安装师和安装质量的持续改进。

In my current role as the Vice President of the CFI Division of the World Floor Covering Association. I am the provider of vision, voice, and operational oversight for the CFI Association which represents professional installation throughout the world. I started my flooring career as a commercial flooring installer and expanded my expertise into inspection, training, consulting, speaking, and writing, in addition to running a commercial workroom. With 40 years in the flooring industry, I bring a unique perspective to the installation trade that focuses on the individual installer and improving installation.