Promoting Natural Stone: Building the Industry Together


讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:

     天然石材协会正在协同Centrorochas(巴西),比荷卢天然石材批发商联合会(Benelux Federation of Natural Stone Wholesalers (FEBENAT)),比利时制造商和石匠联合会(Belgian Fabricators & Stone Masons Federation)及其他机构一同致力于推广天然石材。


The Natural Stone Institute is leading an effort to expand the promotion of natural stone with the assistance of several stone associations including Centrorochas (Brazil), Benelux Federation of Natural Stone Wholesalers (FEBENAT), the Belgian Fabricators & Stone Masons Federation, and others. This effort includes the online distribution of positive articles, blogs, and social media outreach about natural stone. The goal is to reach the millions of readers who are looking for products for their home improvement or construction projects. Gain insight into this campaign and how your company can become involved.

学习目标/Learning Objectives:




1.  Learn about how current trends and marketing efforts of competing products contributed to why a promotional campaign is necessary.

2.  Learn about and how the articles and videos posted on that website and others can be used in your company’s marketing efforts.

3.  Understand why leading stone companies are getting involved with this initiative and how you too can support the Use Natural Stone campaign.


Jim Hieb, 天然石材协会/Natural Stone Institute

Katie Peralta, Triton石材/Triton Stone