Bended Marble & Application


Peter Sutjiono Tjioe

讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:

此次演讲中,Peter Sutjiono Tjioe将为大家分享他探索和创新的全过程,并将通过家具设计案例,诠释弯曲超薄大理石在三维空间里的灵活与多变。

As we have dealed with and learned about stones in the past almost three decades, basically stones (14types) have 3 majors drawbacks such as: heavy, fragile, and rigid. In year 2000 we already tried to resolve the heavy and fragile problems by slicing the slab into as thin as 2mm slabs, then laminate them with plyboards, acrylic sheet to keep them from breaking.

Not until 3 years ago that we managed to solve the rigidity by bending small slabs as we try to use them to follow the shapes of the objects, thus the revolution of The Bended Stone/Marble curvy started.

This new innovation will allow stones to be applied in very different new and demanding objects of many forms.