Natural Stone Supplier-to-Buyer Manual: Creating International Standards for Importing and Exporting


讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:


Have you ever had business disagreements about the import or export of stone?  The Natural Stone Institute has joined with leading stone companies to create comprehensive standards, guidelines, and procedures for communicating, understanding, and executing natural stone purchase and sales agreements to the benefit of both parties.  Whether you are a supplier who has purchased for years or a fabricator looking to source for the first time, you will benefit from learning best practices as they apply to international natural stone purchases.

学习目标/Learning objectives:


Understand the process of direct stone sourcing and how your company can benefit.


Learn the language of sales agreements and how to protect your company when selling or purchasing internationally.


Discuss “best practices” with colleagues who have gone through the process of exporting or importing stone.


Discuss what resources are available to someone new to the importing and exporting segments of the industry.


Mariavittoria Grassi, Grassi Pietre Srl

James Hieb, 天然石材协会/Natural Stone Institute

Ali Kader, Egymar International