The NSC 373 Standard: Meeting Architect and Designer Demands for Sustainability


讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:

       是否有建筑师和设计师向你询问过采石的做法?如今许多规范都要求使用可持续性材料。为此,天然石材协会制定了一份由美国国家标准学会(ANSI)认可的NSC 373标准本次会议将介绍有关NSC 373标准的目标和原则的通用知识,从而了解天然石材的可持续性生产的做法,以及在为项目选择石材产品时如何在众多公司辨别该类做法。

Have you heard architects and designers ask about stone quarrying practices?  Many specifications now demand a sustainable material.  The Natural Stone Council developed an ANSI approved standard known as NSC 373 to meet this demand.  This session will provide general knowledge on the objectives and principles of the NSC 373 Standard. Gain an understanding of the sustainable production practices of natural stone, and how to differentiate these practices among different companies and products when choosing natural stone products for projects.




    检验NSC 373标准的益处,以及可持续性经营做法如何有助于天然石材的供应商和用户

Learning Objectives:

Learn why architects and designers are demanding sustainable products and materials.

Learn about the objectives and development process of the Sustainability Assessment Standard for Dimension Stone.

Examine the benefits of NSC 373 and how sustainable business practices help natural stone specifiers and users.


Jim Hieb, Natural Stone Institute

Kathy Spanier, Coldspring