How to Reach the Architects to Promote the Using of Stones and How to Technically Support Them


Paulo Florio Giafarov

讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:

本次演讲中,Paulo Flório Giafarov 打算同业内人士分享与建筑师打交道的经验,包括如何制定出最初的方案,如何展示自己的公司,如何推广自己的石材,在现今的社交媒体中投资的关键性,从技术上给予建筑师足够支持的重要性。

The seminar is intended to share with the people from the stone companies our experience on dealing with the architects, how to make the first approach, how to present the company, how to promote their stones, how important is to invest in the social media today and how important is to support technically the architect's offices. On top of that the seminar will embrace the important aspects of supporting the architects after the material is specified and during the fabrication and installation process. In general guidelines the seminar will have the proposal of educating the stone industry people on how to promote the natural products to architects, designers and developers nowadays.