SPIRIT OF DESIGN IN NEPAL - Natural Materials, Heritage & Culture


Sarosh Pradhan

讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:


The Himalayan region has been a space on this planet, where purity of the Mountains is connected to spiritual quest for happiness. Where snow-peaked mountains melt into small tributaries and sacred rivers begin their journey to meet oceans. The presentation explores Natural Materials, Heritage and Culture in the Himalayan region with the backdrop of the devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal in April 2015 and its restoration. Kasthamandap Temple from where the word Kathmandu was derived lay completely flattened and beautiful villages in Langtang - all built with natural stone were devastated.

The presentation would highlight some of the restoration works, as well as share experiences of Projects done by the firm using Natural Materials with an emphasis on Stone, Mud and Wood Architecture in the Kathmandu Valley, Annapurna-Mustang and Everest region in Nepal. The conceptual poetry of the winning entry for the Memorial design built out of stone as a landscaping element in the US Embassy in Kathmandu would also be shared.