Kathy Spanier

Kathy Spanier                              美国/USA

市场总监/Director of Marketing



Kathy Spanier现任Coldsrping公司市场总监,活跃于石材行业已达10年。她负责制定市场策略以满足客户及合作方的各种需求。在多个行业协会供职,包括美国大理石协会(MIA石材业女性WIS)指导委员会,天然石材理事会(NSC)可持续委员会主席,建筑石材协会(BSI)董事会。她拥有市场营销专业的商业学士学位。

Kathy is currently the Director of Marketing at Coldspring and has been involved in the stone industry for 10 years. She is responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies to meet corporate objectives. Kathy is currently active within the stone industry through the following association positions: MIA WIS Steering Committee, Chair of the NSC (Natural Stone Council) Sustainability Committee; and BSI (Building Stone Institute) Board of Directors.  Kathy holds a BS Business Degree with a Marketing major from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN.