林玉华 Lin Yuhua

林玉华 Lin Yuhua             中国/China





Graduated from the Department of Geology, Hebei Institute of Geology (now Hebei University of Geosciences) with bachelor's degree; Professorate Senior Engineer.

Well-known geologist and expert in quarrying in China's stone sector with more than 30 years of experience in geological prospecting and exploration, exploitation and utilization of stone resources, quarrying engineering and management.

Expert of Quarrying Sub-committee and Caring and Maintenance Sub-committee of China Stone Material Association

Commissioner of National Technical Committee 460 on Stone and Subcommittee 3 on Stone Material Processing Machinery of National Technical Committee 460 of Standardization Administration of China.

Chairing and participating in drafting of a number of national and industrial Standards and consultancy in policy-making; working experiences of two domestic marble quarrying enterprises successfully listing in Hong Kong.