Josep Vila Capdevial

Josep Vila Capdevial            西班牙/Spain

首席设计师Art Director, 创始人Owner



Josep Vila CapdevilaAparentment的创始人兼首席设计师。丰富的兴趣带领他涉猎广告、时尚、新闻摄影甚至音乐等多个领域。在他的作品集中很容易捕捉到他的设计理念。他的审美特征完全体现在具有艺术触感的设计中,轻松玩转"隐喻""矛盾"等设计思想,突破常规而又不失精致,并寻找更多新的设计可能,融入更多的新元素与理念。他还在特拉萨艺术与设计学院教授工业设计专业,同时任教于Elisava大学。

Josep Vila Capdevila, founder and head Designer of Aparentment, he graduated in Industrial Design by Elisava University in 2001. He postgraduates in Photography in Elisava and 3D Design Engineering at UPC. His multiple interests lead him to get involved with advertising, fashion, photojournalism and even music.

In addition to his work under Aparentment, he was a teacher of Industrial Design at “Escola d’Art i Disseny de Terrassa” and now is teaching at the prestigious university of Elisava. He, also, won a LUX bronze award for ‘Best advertising photograph.

Marblelous collection is the first author collection of Aparentment. Launched in 2012 with the Brique and the marblelous mirror, it is still growing. This collection won a RED Spain Critic’s award for Best Collection in 2014, it was included in Yatzer’s “Best of Milan 2015” and it also was awarded with “Les Découvertes Maison & Objet – Paris January 2016”.