刘勇富 Liu Yongfu

刘勇富 Liu Yongfu              中国/China

董事长 President

厦门市富桥机械有限公司 Xiamen Firestar Machinery Co., Ltd.


       刘勇富 机械设计与制造专业工学硕士,高级工程师。拥有多年石材加工企业生产实践经验,发现探索实际生产中存在的问题与痛点,有针对性地专门从事石材加工工艺研究和机械装备的研发制造。带领科研团队攻坚克难取得多项技术突破,填补多项石材加工领域技术空白,目前拥有本领域30多项国家专利,且大部分都已经转化成技术成果应用到生产领域,深受欢迎。

Liu Yongfu, engineering master degree holder in machinery design and manufacture, and senior engineer with years of practical experience in stone processing companies. He specializes in spotting the problems and pain points in the production activities and conducts targeted R&D of stone processing techniques, and R&D and manufacture of mechanical equipment. Multiple technological breakthroughs have been made by his scientific research team’s arduous efforts which served to fill the technological gap in the field of stone processing. He is currently the patent holder of more than 30 national patents in the field of his expertise, most of which have been transformed technologically and applied in the production and widely welcomed.