苏桂军 Su Guijun

苏桂军 Su Guijun     中国/China

高级工程师 Senior Engineer

中国建筑材料工业规划研究院 China Development Strategy Institute for Building Materials Industry



Currently as the incumbent vice president of China Development Strategy Institute for Building Materials Industry and the vice director of Information Center for Building Materials Industry, he has long practiced in the development research of building materials and nonmetal mine industries. His recent years have been devoted to the study of the stone industry development, during which he headed and completed the “12th Five-Year” Plan and “13th Five-Year” Plan of the Chinese stone industry, the study of stone industry development planning in Xinjiang, Guizhou, Yunfu, Macheng and several other places in China, feasibility study of industrial park planning and stone engineering projects, and a series of consultancy work that include due diligent reports, design of stone factories, fund application report and more. He also led the compilation of design specifications for opencast stone mines and stone factories. Several of his project consultancy works also won him the top awards of national engineering consultancy and construction material engineering consultancy.