Informatization of Stone Production - 3P Solution


崔洪章 Cui Hongzhang

讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:



So far, the main production mode of secondary stone processing is discrete high-efficiency equipment + artificial flow. It is difficult to achieve an ideal state as the engineering effect cannot be predicted in advance and quality, efficiency is not controlled by the designer.

The Informatization of Stone Production -3P Solution, besides the traditional stone material processing and material flow, create a flow of information under the help of computer software and hardware and comprehensive use of multidisciplinary technology technology. By adopting 3P solution, which includes three stages as scanning (1P-PICTURE), planning (2P-PLANNING), smart cutting (3P-PROCESSING), each index on every stages of stone production will be able to controlled by the designer, to achieve the aims such as what you see is what you get, simulation, flexible production economically and efficiently and finally we can build the foundation for stone intelligent production.