Panel Discussion: Commercial Installation


讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:


This open discussion forum for commercial contractors is an excellent opportunity to discuss many of the challenges involved in the commercial installations market.  The session will cover everything from fabrication methods, equipment needs, and materials to customer expectations, personnel, and sales strategies.  Attendees should come prepared to share ideas and discuss opportunities and common challenges and are encouraged to participate by presenting a problem or sharing a solution. 

学习目标Learning Objectives:

1. 了解住宅和商用市场在合同和技术层面的差异。

Understand the differences, contractually and technically, between the residential and commercial markets.

2. 讲解承包商应如何应对在石材行业遭遇的各种各样的问题。

Explain how other contractors deal with the myriad of issues involved in the stone industry.

3. 开展有关制造方式、设备需求、材料、客户服务、人员和销售策略的讨论。

Discuss fabrication methods, equipment needs, materials, customer service, personnel, and sales strategies.


 Herwig Callewier, Beltrami

 Charles Muehlbauer, 技术总监/Technical Director, 天然石材协会/Natural Stone Institute

 Scott Polak, Brekhus Tile & Stone Inc

 Daniel Rea, Coldspring

 Karen Roe, Natural Stone Motif

 James Hieb, 天然石材协会(作为主持人)/Natural Stone Institute (will serve as moderator)