Natural Stone in Architecture: the Transition from Material to Product


Vincenzo Spina

讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:

       如何在建筑中正确的使用天然石材产品以避免选材问题和工期延误?这从始至终都是关于正确流程的问题:如果有恰当的方式,并且专业人士能够在项目的每一步达成一致,天然石材的使用管理可以毫不费力。演讲中我们将详细了解Eng. Vincenzo Spina在中东项目中所采用的的流程。

What is the right approach to the natural stone in order to treat it in construction as a product avoiding the selection problems and project delays? It’s all about the right process A to Z: natural stone can be managed easily if approached in the right way and if the professional people involved in the project agree on a step by step process to be followed. During this speech we will go through the process that has been used by Eng. Vincenzo Spina during his projects in Middle East.