The Innovation and Application of Automatic Slabs Loader and Quick Vacuum Resining


刘勇富 Liu Yongfu

讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:




This seminar is about the sharing of two technological patents: smart automatic panel turnover machineefficient vacuum glue filling machine

This new smart automatic panel turnover machine overcomes the shortcoming of the previous sucker-type version, performs a reliable slab-loading operation and saves the labor. It comes with the following distinctive advantages: 1. Smart controlled processes that can be halted remotely. 2. Adaptive to various circumstances include where travertine/sandstone/crack slab is involved; 3. Stable, reliable, and safe: runs without the need to be watched; 4. Low energy consumption: energy conservation of over 40% compared to sucker-type automatic slab uploader; 5. Auto alert when running out of slabs; 6. Leave a clean/intact ground after operation

The efficient glue filling machine exterminates the “pain point” of low efficiency and incapability of the previous vacuum box in dealing with all-through cracks, raising the “ceiling” of the glue filling operation of stone materials. It is possessed with the advantages as follows: 1. It takes merely 3-4 seconds to reach the vacuum condition required by the glue filling operation with an over 10-fold increase in efficiency. 2. More superior glue filling performance than regular vacuum glue filling. 3. Remarkable glue permeation against all-through cracks. 4. More than 60% of energy conservation