The Problems Occurred by Incorrect Application of Protective Sealer on Stone


刘小安 Liu Xiao An

讲稿摘要 /Abstract of Speech:


Recently, in China everyone know the concept of stone care. Many non-professional stone care products have been produced & sales in the market and cause problem. These kind of stain & water-repellent impregnators or sealers do not provide a superior result for all type of stone making problems more & more complicated. Designers, architects and end users are afraid to use natural stone .Stone factories and suppliers are quite worry about their project on how to select and use the right products. In this seminar we will analyst thorough fully of these problem starting from structure of stone material, (inner cause) to the process of stone application that will create problem (outer cause) etc. In order to avoid stone problems, I will show some cases regarding the wrong use of the product and recommend people choosing the right stone treatment in a reasonable and scientific way.